Pastoral Services

Providing ministry to residents, their families and staff in Wesley communities through preaching, Bible study, prayer services, sacraments, home and hospital visitation, counseling and fellowship: the Pastoral Care Ministry of Wesley Senior Ministries is composed of two full-time pastors and nine pastors serving churches close to Wesley communities outside Shelby County.

Wesley’s Pastoral Care Ministry offers its services to residents and their families regardless of religious tradition. The Pastoral Care Ministry provides an ecumenical communion of many church traditions and faiths intended to supplement Wesley residents’ church homes. For those neighbors more confined or forgotten, we may become the primary providers of ministry. Through listening to prayer requests, being proactive, and working with management, our Pastoral Care Ministers can respond to a vast array of integrated spiritual, emotional and everyday needs.

Being involved in these life journeys continually reminds us that aging is both an individual and family affair.

Pastoral Care Staff

Rev. Camille Bradley

As the full-time chaplain for Wesley Living, I work alongside our staff and family members providing an extra layer of spiritual care for our Wesley Living Residents in Shelby County.  I am also working alongside our “field pastors,” primarily United Methodist Ministers, who are serving the staff and residents in Wesley Living facilities outside of Shelby County. This extra layer of spiritual care for the Residents is not a replacement for the Residents’ local church pastors or churches. Rather, we are called to provide ecumenical care together in a way that offer’s God’s love, for example, to those who may not have a church home, those who may be homebound, those who may be of a different denomination or faith, or for whatever reason need or request an extra layer of spiritual support—all with the goal of helping our Residents live their best quality of life.  This goal is driven by our mission statement: “In response to the love of God, our mission is to provide excellent housing and services which enhance the quality of living for elderly persons and their families.”