At Wesley Living, we understand that people’s needs change as they age and that it can be difficult to predict exactly which services will be required. Our flexible care levels allow you to choose which services are right for you. We will provide an individual plan of services just for you to meet your needs. If you are lost in the shuffle of paperwork and programs, then let a Wesley Professional provide a care plan and be an advocate with our Geriatric Care Program. It's all part of the Wesley Way.

Basic Level

Everyone starts with this level of service, then picks and chooses from the other levels as needed.

  • Companionship, conversation, reminisce about the past
  • Discuss current and historical events
  • Aid with reading
  • Stimulate mental awareness
  • Participate in crafts, play cards and games
  • Answer the door
  • Oversee home deliveries
  • Escort to appointments, shopping, errands, religious services
  • Accompany to lunch or dinner
  • Attend plays and concerts, club meetings, sporting events
  • Monitor diet and eating, check food expirations
  • Record and arrange recipes
  • Assist with evening and tuck-in
  • Assist with clothing selection
  • Care for houseplants
  • Monitor TV usage

More advanced services are also available. When you choose just one from a package, you automatically receive all services within that package.

Level Two: Personal Grooming

  • Grooming
  • Dressing
  • Mobility
  • Medication reminders
  • Rent and play movies
  • Maintain calendar
  • Maintain family scrapbook
  • Take out garbage
  • Assist with walking
  • Organize mail
  • Make beds
  • Dust furniture
  • Organize and clean closets
  • Assist with pet care

Level Three: Helping Hands

  • Assist with entertaining
  • Provide reminders for appointments
  • Prepare grocery lists, clip coupons for shopping
  • Shop for groceries and supplies
  • Write letters and correspondence
  • Mail bills and letters
  • Buy magazines, papers and books
  • Plan visits, outings and trips
  • Assist with laundry and ironing
  • Drop off and pick up dry cleaning
  • Pick up prescriptions
  • Prepare future meals

Level Four: Side By Side

  • Incontinence management
  • Cognitive impairment strategies
  • Provide respite care
  • Change linens
  • Plan, prepare, and clean up meals
  • Bathing


Geriatric Care Management

Having a Wesley Geriatric Care Manager is like having an expert in your family. Our Geriatric Care Managers are all professionals in the geriatric field. Whether your need is for a social worker to help navigate Medicare, evaluate housing or transfers to institutions, or whether your need is for a medical expert to monitor home health, evaluate institutional care, or manage prescriptions, Wesley's Geriatric Care Team has the expert you need.

Our Geriatric Care Managers can even act as a surrogate family member when no local family member is available. They can pay bills, coordinate household maintenance, arrange transportation, or monitor medical needs by attending doctor's appointments with the client. We are the advocate for you whenever care is administered. Our experts are available any time and can be as involved as you desire. Have an expert on your side who you can trust to explain your options or to advocate for your family.

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While we are proud of our faith-based origin, our main goal is always the safety and satisfaction of our clients, regardless of religious affiliation. Wesley Home Services provides non-medical in-home assistance only.

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