In-Home Services

Homecare by Wesley is a BBB Accredited Home Health Care Provider in Cordova, TN

A non-profit approach to senior in-home personal care.

Homecare by Wesley provides you and your loved one the experience you deserve. With 50 years experience in serving seniors and their families provides you confidence in our ability to make to a positive difference in the quality of life you enjoy. Our non-profit approach with ministry at the heart of our foundation sets us apart.

Each senior and their family is unique and the approach to providing assistance should reflect a personalized strategy. The in-home personal care you receive will be determined by your unique situation. Time will be taken to establish a program that ensures you and your family have as much quality time as possible and to restore peace of mind.


Each person cared for is referred to as a Member. The non-medical in-home personal care provided to our Members is personalized to preserve dignity, restore peace of mind, instill confidence and provide convenience. Each care plan is personalized to fit the evolving needs of each Member. This flexibility ensures your needs are met every step of the way.

Juggling all the daily activities of a busy family and caring for a senior loved one can be exhausting. The strain on the whole family minimizes quality family time. Wesley’s over 45 years of experience in serving seniors and their families builds invaluable peace of mind. That experience encourages you to have a high sense of confidence that maximizing a Member’s quality of life is our primary commitment.

Services provided include:

  • Developing relationships
  • Providing company
  • Dressing and grooming
  • Bathing
  • Light cleaning
  • Running errands
  • Light meal preparation
  • And much more

Our services are arranged so you can select what is just right for you. When you contact us, be sure and let us know precisely what you need.

Your family can rest assured that the Member Services Provider paired with each member has been carefully selected, rigorously trained and re-trained. They are individually selected possessing the heart and skills necessary to create lasting and caring relationships. Member Services Providers are also selected based on dependability and loyalty. In short, you have the peace of mind knowing you will enjoy a most reliable, honest, caring and committed Member Services Provider.

Aging Advisors

Aging doesn’t come with a manual. Sometimes you need help navigating aging support programs like Medicare. Our Aging Advisors are among the best trained professionals in their field. They have achieved the highest level certification, Advanced Professional, from the nationally recognized Aging Life Care Association. They are licensed social workers and nurses.

The aging process is filled with complicated obstacles and often unpredictable consequences that can be at times overwhelming, frustrating and exceptionally expensive. Like an insurance policy protecting against the unknown, “Homecare by Wesley” employs certified “Aging Advisors” who are experts at the aging process from legal implications, physical and mobility abilities, medical histories, daily living activities, transportation, financial and social needs, insurance, and long-term care.

You don’t have to navigate this complicated process alone. Your Aging Advisor help you answer the tough questions many people might not even think to ask. Don’t wait for the inevitable question, “Now what?”

This advice is driven by the goal to assist seniors in living a higher quality of enjoyable independent life.

You will receive a “Comprehensive Aging Guide“, a detailed personalized report and plan with follow-up visits to ensure your plan is executed properly. Don’t wait for a crisis. Have a plan ready.

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