Professionals you can count on: Geriatric Care Managers with experience

Experienced. Skilled. Professional. Our Geriatric Care Managers are social workers and nurses experienced in all forms of geriatric services.

Whether our clients need medical planning, housing advice, navigating the insurance system, wealth management, or any of our services , we have a professional from our team who can assist you with decisions and help coordinate your care plan. Wesley maintains a varied staff of professionals so that whatever your need, Wesley Geriatric Care Managers are ready to assist.

Stewards from Wesley Living: In-home companions with hearts of gold

Trusted. Caring. Hard-working. Responsible. Upstanding. Friendly. Stewards from Wesley Living love helping others. Before anyone can join our team, we make sure he or she carries the same desire to serve that sets Wesley apart.

In addition, every Steward undergoes an extensive background check that includes screening for any history of criminal convictions, substantiated abuse, neglect or exploitation, drug testing, driving violations and sexual offenses.

Just as you are very careful about who enters your Mom or Dad’s home, we are very careful about whom we choose to represent the Wesley Living name.

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While we are proud of our faith-based origin, our main goal is always the safety and satisfaction of our clients, regardless of religious affiliation. Wesley Home Services provides non-medical in-home assistance only.

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