Choosing the right services and the right in-home companion: your Steward from Wesley Living

You want your parents and elders to enjoy a quality of life that is both safe and rewarding. Yet needs change as we age. You may have noticed that your Mom or Dad needs a little assistance with everyday tasks, but still wishes to remain at home. Or maybe you're not sure they should stay at home at all. You'd like to decide what is right, but there is a lot of conflicting information out there. While you’d like to help as much as possible, you can’t always be around when they need a hand. That’s where our Stewards can help.

Your Geriatric Care Manager can start you or your parent off with an in-home total assessment. One of our medical or social worker professionals will evaluate the home for suitability, the ability to accomplish daily tasks and chores, social structure and recreation, and health care to find the best care plan for you. If you need home services, then your steward from Wesley Living (in-home companion) can provide you or your loved one with the companionship and assistance he or she needs, while you can have peace of mind knowing a competent, highly screened person is on the job.

We call our team members Stewards because that’s what they are: trusted, caring people dedicated to the best interests of those they serve. Your Care Manager will further coordinate all the services that you need to stay safe, remain as independent as possible, and receive the care you need. Your Care Manager will also continue to monitor your care to ensure that all the providers are doing what they are supposed to do and that the care plan is meeting your needs.

How Wesley Living works with you:

  • The first step is assessment, conducted by our Professional Care Manager if requested, or our Companion Coordinator if you are only interested in Home Services. Together, you will discuss your elder’s needs.
  • We then work with you to select the appropriate level of services.
  • Next, a Steward from Wesley Living will be matched to your parent or elder. If you agree with the choice, you will keep the same companion unless you request a change.
  • If you utilize our Care Managers, then additional needed services agreed to in the care plan will be coordinated and supervised by our professional Care Manager.
  • If you choose only Home Services, we will conduct quarterly reviews to ensure the choice of services is still appropriate and that everything is satisfactory for both you and your Mom or Dad. If you choose our Care Managers, then monitoring of your mom and dad's services will be ongoing. You may contact us at anytime with any questions or concerns.

Eligibility for in-home companion services

We work with private individuals and those qualifying for long-term care insurance with the State Assistance Program. We will also work with your long-term care insurance company. Click here for more information.

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While we are proud of our faith-based origin, our main goal is always the safety and satisfaction of our clients, regardless of religious affiliation. Wesley Home Services provides non-medical in-home assistance only.

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